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Save time with Raster!

Let the robot handle boring adminstration, you've got a company to run! You are your companies most expensive employee, why would you waste time on HR? Many restaurants already choice raster before you, don't stay behind. Raster was specially developed with Restaurants in mind, you have got many flexible employees, we make managing this easy.

  • Good oversight, make sure that you never have too few employees at hand. Printing or viewing on the internet is supported
  • Free request mediation, a happy employee ensures a happy customer. This is supported by employees having their own account, which they can use to specify the days they want free and give a reason. These days are overwritable by you, the owner. This leads to a better outcome for everyone because it becomes easy to compare reasons.
  • Reduce errors with plan advice. The system will recommend rosters based on previous rosters. It's also possible to specify a minimum.
  • Plan in masse, because we take into account free request automaticaly making a planning ahead several months becomes trivial. Free request conflicts can be resolved manually.
  • Put your roster directly into an employees' calander with Ical! A good informed employee is always on time. Employees can put their personal Ical link in their own calander. (Such as Google Calendar or ICloud calendar)
  • Als nieuw bedrijf hebben oor naar u suggesties, bel 0644237437 of email jappieklooster@hotmail.com.

Planned features

A goal of us is to make the creation of rosters trivial, to the point where it bearly costs any time. This is what we call the 'automatic planning' epic which is split in several phases.

Normal help is phase 0 of the 'automatic planning' epic. In this phase we let the user specify what 'roles' they want on a day and the system will show how many are planned on that day. We're currently busy making this a reality.

Planning help is phase 1 ofthe 'automatic planning' epic. In here we use normal help to also give suggestions to the user. We could also learn based on previous patterns. In this phase we expect the user will be able to press a button to accept all suggestions, and then he'd only need to check if the planning is correct.

Phase 2 in the 'automatic planning' epic is the addition of a reservation system. This has no direct corrolation with automatic planning, but we believe buisness owners would profit from this to the system. It is also a crucial step towards phase 3. In Phase 2 Raster is a planning system as well as a reservation system.

Phase 3 is the final phase of the 'automatic planning' epic. In here we add demand driven planning to the system. This is where we use the reservations of phase 2 to decide how much personel we need on day. This information then can be used to give suggestions a day upfront to call in extra people or call them off. In phase 3 Raster will not only save on time, but also save money.


The montly price will be decided after contact, raster is an alpha product and therefore will be very affordable

Including these compative prices are: Automatic updates and premium support with problems. In the future aditional functionalities will be added to the system, however prices for existing subscriptions will remain the same. Daarnaast zullen er in de toekomst aditionele functionalitieiten worden toegevoegd. See the section of future plans for more information about planned features. If you have questions or suggestions about these prices, don't hesitate to contact us trough email jappieklooster@hotmail.com or phone 0644237437.


For a trial period contact jappieklooster@hotmail.com or call 0644237437.

About Raster

The original iteration of this project was launched as early as 2010 for just "Restaurant de Huiskamer". Jappie Klooster made this to support his father with managing part timers. Now his thesis has been finished, he decided to try and put this as service on the market in the hope that other companies can be helped too. Jappie thinks he has an inert advantage because of his knowledge of restaurants, his decade long experience developing software and his AI expertise.