Welcome good sir!

Raster is a simple rostering web app, that makes dealing with flexible working hours easier for both owner as employee. It does this by allowing your employees to enter vacation days. After this phase, you can plan your employees around these dates, or overwrite if neccesary. With this you can make the best plan for both you and your employees!

The eventual idea is to make planning fully automated by leveraging advanced artificial intelligence and data mining techniques. For more information on that see: Future plans

Currently sign up is free. In the future we may start adding cost to accounts of companies that manage more employees.

Forgot password? Click here! Note that you can use your email address as username as well.

About Raster!

The original idea of this project is from 2010 and went trough several iterations at Restaurant de Huiskamer. These were all written by Jappie Klooster when he was just learning to program. Now he finally finished his master thesis he decided to spin up the idea as a service, with a completely rewritten code base. Hoping other people may find it as usefull like his father (owner of Restaurant de Huiskamer) has found for all these years.

Raster is currently in beta. We try to see how our customers use the platform to decide on which features to implement next.


This is a list of impressive features we already implemented so far.

  • Employees can ask free without bothering you, in a time window speicified by you.
  • After the time window you can plan in your employees.
  • Conflicts between rostering plans and freerequests are handled by simply pressing a button.
  • Employees can see their working times on their phones' calanders with an ICall feed.

Future plans

These is an outline of some plans we have for the future.

  • Automated planning.
    • Predict based upon passed inserted plans
    • Constraint solving based planning, based upon inserted order information and ask free preferences.